Sunday, January 18, 2009

Biden-Obama blog posts

Oprah to Africa
Has Obama read Beyond Babylon?
Joseph and Judah
Shame on Chavez!
"Generals Month"
Don't confuse Catholics with Christians!
Obama poses a serious threat to US
The Voting Rights Act Should Be Repealed!
This month on Obama-Biden
Oppose Zionism?
Pray for Jonathan Pollard's pardon
Shame on conservative cowards!
Let foreigners pay for Obamasm!
50,000 abortions in Israel annually
Beware Obama's offense
Interfaith folly
Palestinian Pit Bull
The New South Africa
Radical Islamic Networks in America
Germany & Mexico conspire
Obama approves German arms to Gaza?
Condi Rice's call for ethnic cleansing
Martin Luther King Day?
Illegitimate Gentile President Elect
Protection (Dry Bones)
German Armed Forces
Threatening email
Is Obama guilty of treason or sedition?
Chief Justice Roberts calls conference on Obama ch...
Kudos to Liberty Post!
Jerusalem besieged!
Zimbabwe ruins proves Ian Smith was right
The day the earth stood still
The Obama Commercial THEY Won't Let You See
Remember South Africa and be warned!
'White dogs will be killed'
You can't take the Black Man out of Africa
Obama Vs. Constitution
Obama has FAILED!
Send Obama packing!
Stop walking on egg shells
Illegitimate president elect
White Israelites fleeing for their lives
Does Obama have a clue about SA farm murders?
Does Obama-Biden know?
Support Israel's efforts to stop the Hamas rocket ...
Barack Obama fails to answer serious questions

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