Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sphinx Organization discriminates against white children

Sphinx Organization aims to showcase African-American and Latin musicians
I thought we were all supposed to be color blind? Regardless of how one chooses to color or camoflouge it, this "diversity" music program represents racism. Once again other races clearly feel free to discriminate against white people and folks just accept it, having been brainwashed by the politically correct cultists to think nothing of it unless it is for or about whites. From what I've read, this "diversity" program is off color and off key, and I certainly hope it doesn't receive any taxpayer assistance since it excludes white children.

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an irritated Detoiter said...

have you ever heard the saying "a man who believes his own press?"

thats Aaron Dworkin in a nutshell, especially since he has that old-boys network of self-admitted "old white guys" at DPTV blowing as much smoke and sunshine as they can while obfuscating the real fact - Sphinx/DPTV do not engage in color-blind anything - its all about nepotism and favorites.

As long as people continue to act like both organizations are all about "bringing culture to Detroit", we will continue to have this mess.

Sphinx is nothing but a soapbox for Dworkin, (ever since he won a Pulitzer) and DPTV is nothing but a commercial entity disguised as "public programming" while it continues to pay big-ass 6 figure salaries to none other then a bunch of middle-aged white men.

Take a look at their salary reporting on their tax forms at