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Barack Obama as Jack Armstrong - The All-American Boy

By Don Feder
October 17 , 2008

A new commercial by Barack Obama (“The Country I believe in”) is easily the most dishonest, hypocritical, cynical campaign ad ever aired. Did I mention its hypocrisy?

In the closing days of the campaign, with a significant lead in the polls, Obama is still nervous – haunted by his leftist past and radical associations. The ad is aimed at making us believe that he really is one of us – an American.

The ad starts with the candidate confiding that one of his earliest memories is going with his grandfather to see some astronauts brought back after a splashdown. The future messiah recalls sitting on grandpa’s shoulders “waving a little American flag.”

The old man would share his folksy wisdom with young Barack: “And, my grandfather would say, Boy, we’re Americans! We can do anything when we put out minds to it.’” (Like cutting taxes for 90% of Americans while raising spending through the ceiling?)

Announcer: “His grandfather fought in Patton’s army.” (In a speech earlier this year, Barack said his grandfather helped to liberate Auschwitz. That would be when he fought in Marshall Zukhov’s army.)

“His grandmother worked on a bomber assembly line.” (That would be the grandmother he threw under the bus in March, suggesting her “racism” -- she once expressed anxiety over being harassed by a black vagrant -- was comparable to the lunatic ravings of his mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.)

“But it was his mother who saw in him a promise.”

Barack: “My mother, she said to herself: ‘He’s an American, and he needs to understand what that means.”

It turns out that being an American is a lot like being a Boy Scout – “Hard work, honesty, self-reliance, respect for other people, kindness, faith – that’s what America means to me.” The ad embraced mom and the American flag, but somehow overlooked apple pie, in its effort to convince us that a candidate to the left of George McGovern is really Barack Hussein Armstrong – The All-American Boy.

An interesting sub-theme is the emphasis on Barack’s white family. We see pictures of Grandpa, Grandma and Mom – who look like they stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

There’s no mention of his Kenyan father or his Indonesian stepfather. Even the people Obama is shown talking to on the campaign trail are persons of the Caucasian persuasion.

What happened to America’s first black president-in-waiting? What happened is The Bradley Factor – named for Tom Bradley, the black mayor of Los Angeles who lost the 1982 California governor’s race, despite the polls that showed him winning handily.

The campaign is haunted by the fear that a certain segment of professed Obama voters are lying to pollsters. They don’t want to be thought of as racist, but won’t vote for a black candidate who seems a little squirrely -- hence the emphasis on the other branch of Barack’s family tree. Subliminal message: He’s black, but he’s really white – or maybe he’s Asian or Hispanic, depending on the need.

But the main message of the ad is that Obama is an average, patriotic, middle-American. Sure -- Barack is Joe Six-Pack the way Hillary is Betty Crocker and Barney Frank is J.P Morgan.

If you want to know what Obama really thinks of the country he wants to lead, look at the crowd he hangs out with. Here are a few FOBs (Friends of Barack) you won’t find at an American Legion Hall or the local gun club.

William Ayers – The 1960s Weatherman leader says the thought of America “makes me want to puke.” In his underground days, Ayers and his buddies bombed the New York City Police Headquarters, the Capitol building and the Pentagon. In a 2001 New York Times op-ed, the demolitions expert declared: “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” When Obama was running for Illinois state senate, Ayers hosted a house party for him. The duo served on two foundation boards together (both funded radical groups). The Senator who now recalls waving the flag as a tyke, describes the unrepentant terrorist as “a guy in my neighborhood” and swears, “I assumed he had been rehabilitated.” Maybe he thought Jeremiah Wright had been rehabilitated too.

Jody Evans – The co-founder of Code Pink is an Obama “bundler.” (A bundler pools a large number of campaign checks from individuals and PACs.) Not only did Evans personally contribute $2,300 to Obama’s campaign, but her son (who lists his occupation as “unemployed student”) gave $2,300 as well. Code Pink is the far-left, rabidly anti-military outfit whose modus operandi is violent attacks on recruiting centers. (Now, what would Gen. Patton think of that?) During the present hostilities, Code Pinko leaders traveled to Iraq and distributed $600,000 to what they called “the other side.” Al Qaeda or Hezbollah?

Monir and Hosam Edwan – The Palestinian brothers collected $29,521.54 for Obama’s campaign from Gaza donors – Allah be praised! When the FEC raised questions about these donations, the brothers claimed they were really proceeds from the sale of T-shirts. Says Monir: “My brother Hosam and I knew Obama would be a big hit even before he became a candidate. We knew the guy would be a celebrity in Gaza, so we decided to invest the amount of $29,000 to buy Obama T-shirts from his website and sell them in Gaza.” Obama is a superstar among people who celebrated in the streets of Ramallah and Gaza City when they heard that 3,000 Americans had been killed on 9/11. For several years thereafter, Osama was the most popular name for baby boys in the Palestinian territories. What is it about Obama that appeals so strongly to this scum? Must be the fact that his grandmother worked on a bomber assembly line during World War II.

Mazen Ashabi and Minha Husaini – Ashabi, Obama’s first coordinator of outreach to Muslims, resigned in mid-July when he was linked to Jamal Said, a man the Justice Department believes to be a Hamas fundraiser. His successor, Husaini, was recently outed for attending a September 15 meeting with the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Muslim-American Society. (Both have been cited by government sources for ties to the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.) Perhaps the best form of Muslim outreach -- and I’m surprised the campaign hasn’t thought of it -- would be to publicize remarks made on Iranian television lauding Obama as a “highly educated” and “eloquent” leader whose election would improve “America’s image” with the people who want to destroy us.

Father Michael Pfleger – Jeremiah Wright’s Catholic counterpart and pastor of Chicago’s St. Sabina Church preached a sermon in which he insisted “America is the greatest sin against God,” because “America has been raping people of color throughout our history.” Like Wright, Pfleger has a crush on Louie Farakhan, who he describes as a “mentor” and “a prophetic voice.” The priest and the Democratic nominee have been friends for almost 20 years. Between 1995 and 2001, Pfleger donated $1,500 to various Obama campaigns. As a U.S. Senator, Obama directed $225,000 in federal grants to Pfleger’s church (for a rape counseling center?). Father Pfleger’s mother told him that being an American means raping people of color.

The Reverend Jeremiah A Wright, Jr. – Wright established the Trinity United Church of Christ as a bastion of Marxist liberation theology on Chicago’s South Side. Wright is Pfleger on steroids. “America is the No. 1 killer in the world.” “Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run.” “White folks’ greed runs a world in need.” America is “the U.S. of KKK.” Our government created the AIDS virus to kill people of color, and (his signature line) instead of God bless America, African-Americans should say “God damn America.” Wright was Obama’s preacher and spiritual guide for two decades. He married Barack and Michelle and baptized their children. The Obamas gave $22,500 to his church in 2006. Initially, Obama claimed he’d never heard this “incendiary language.” Then, OK, he’d heard it, but he could no more disavow Wright than he could disown his equally embarrassing grandmother. Finally, when things got really hot in March and Wright just wouldn’t shut up, Obama got around to censoring him. At least he didn’t try to tell us that the man who was a second father to him was just “a guy in my neighborhood.”

Minister Louis Farrakhan – The Nation of Islam fuehrer has predicted “God will destroy America at the hands of Muslims” and done everything he can to further that end. The anti-white (whites are “vicious beasts” and the “skunks of the planet”) anti-Semitic (“Judaism is a gutter-religion”), anti-you-name-it Chicagoan is America’s most influential hatemonger. In a February 24th address, Farrakhan anointed Obama. “When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear, and the Messiah (Obama) is absolutely speaking.” Obama immediately disavowed the grotesque creature’s endorsement. But, in 1995, he attended Farrakhan’s Million Man March, and wrote of it in glowing terms in a community newspaper.

Michelle Obama – At least Barack isn’t sleeping with Minister Farrakhan – as far as we know. But his spouse, the enchanting Michelle, has said America is “just downright mean.” In fact, we’re so racist that, as a black man, her hubby could be shot dead just for stopping at a service station to buy gas. However, it seems that Michelle too has been rehabilitated. When it looked like Barack had cinched the Democratic nomination last spring, Mrs. Obama told a campus crowd: “And let me tell you something – for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country.” Perhaps that’s because the realization finally dawned on her that Americans “can do anything when we put our minds to it,” including electing a smooth-talking, stealth socialist to the presidency.

Here’s an Obama campaign ad you won’t hear:

Announcer: “He learned what it is to be an American sitting in a pew of Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ for 20 years.”

Barack: “I remember Rev. Wright saying to me, ‘The voters are so gullible that we can make them believe anything, if we put our minds to it.’”

Announcer: “His friend and associate William Ayers only regrets not setting more bombs in the ‘60s. His wife Michelle thinks America is so “downright mean” that black men get shot all the time while stopping for gas.

Barack: “And I remember Father Pfleger saying to me, ‘America has been raping people of color throughout our history. But you can start raping America when you get to the White House.’”

Announcer: “Barack Hussein Obama, a celebrity in Gaza – the Iran-certified, Farakhan-approved candidate.”

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