Saturday, October 11, 2008

Black Marxist Obama to Pollute Toledo, Ohio

The good people in Toledo, Ohio who haven't been Obamatized aren't too happy that our city will soon be polluted by the presence of Black Marxist Barack Obama. We love the United States with all our heart and won't curse it by voting for a foreigner and a fraud who hates the United States and White people.

The good people in Toledo, Ohio will never forget that Obama has been indoctrinated in Black Liberation Theology for over 20 years by his favorite Black racist minister, Jeremiah Wright, and has written in his autobiography that he learned how to deceive White people, learning tactics on how to talk to White people. Some of us aren't buying it. We won't let Obama play us for fools.

Toledo, Ohio and every other city of red-blooded patriotic Americans say: Obama go back to Africa where you belong - or to any Muslim country of your choice. You're a fraud and a foreigner, even if Louis Farrakhan and other Nation of Islam goons proclaim you their messiah. WE KNOW BETTER.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to be from Toledo,OH and am sick and tired of those who still cling to racism and listen to fundamentalist drivel. It's funny how one minute I've got some christian fundamentalist who believes that Obama is a Muslim even though they conveniantly forgot that just a couple months ago they were in an uproar about his CHRISTIAN pastor. It is obvious to those of us who are educated, aware, and not inbreeding can see through your desperate ploy to do and say anything to get your lying old man into office. He is feeding the republican fear tactics of hating all those unlike you out of fear, Sounds just like a christian, oh wait a minute, I've read the bible too, It teaches that we should let God be the ONLY judge and we treat people equally. Hmmm scramble back to the drawing board and crack open those stacks of bibles you blindly hide behind. I got a feeling that someone has too much stock in White sheet manufacturing. Get over it you sad hateful finger pointers. YOUR CANDIDATE LIES and that facts show it.

David Ben-Ariel said...

Talk about judging and being a hypocrite! Your putrid post is Exhibit A!

My candidate was Chuck Baldwin. Those who cling to racism and listen to drivel are those who attend Jeremiah Wright's haven of hatred. Jeremiah Wright is not a Christian, but a Black Marxist like Obama who he indoctrinated in Black Liberation Theology. GO educate yourself and see what I mean. God bless America!