Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hawaii resident with thoughts about Obama's birth certificate

Aloha Mr. Ben-Ariel,

I am a 40-year resident and have among other things worked in the medical field, been self-employed with an emergency "call center", and just retired from many years sharing with visitors, as a tour guide.

Although I am 'haole' (German/Irish descent) living and marrying a Hawaiian, on the island of Kaua'i, I am of the opinion that all Hawaii Birth Certificates are not legal.

In the hawaiiannation.org website and my own research with the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, it has been brought to my attention that in the statehood processes, one of the 3 steps for statehood was 'skipped'. I am not an attorney, but if this is a fact, there is definitely something amiss in paradise and yes, our current standing prez is not a U.S. citizen and thus, he has no legal standing to be holding the highest level job title in America.

Getting someone, anyone, to pick up this story and continue further research by folks such as yourself, might better be able to find out the truth about this supposed 50th state and open the flood gates getting the word spread, updating others about the true history.

I would like nothing better than to unseat obama, and more, i would dearly love to observe and see that all the lies and broken treaties, since our Queen was overthrown in 1893 and that to this day exists. I am hopeful that righting the wrongs will be undone, and that Hawaiian lands will be returned back to Hawaiian hands.

Mahalo for your efforts. If i can be of any assistance or lead you to any educated people that are more familiar with this and other issues here in Hawaii, I will do everything i can to help clarify.

Should you not be the right person to address this email, please forward to someone who can be attentive to bringing forth True or correct statehood status.

ahui hou,
Debra Kekaualua

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