Friday, September 25, 2009

Do Not Call Me A Racist - I Am A Black American

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Illegal Murderers In LA ELIGIBLE For OBAMACARE

Do Not Call Me A Racist - I Am A Black American

I am a young black American who does not deny that it is a great accomplishment for Barrack Obama to be the first black American to become President. This does not mean that I have to agree with his policies and socialistic ideas. I do not want murderers who cross the border illegally to be ELIGIBLE for OBAMACARE.

When Barrack Hussein Obama was elected President I was really hoping that much of America's conflict about race would lessen. With so many Americans in government who are black, I wanted to believe that people would stop calling conservatives racists all the time. I wanted my son to live in a world free of racism. But regrettably the opposite has been the case.

I am offended by those in government and the liberal media who are just throwing around the term racist and playing the race card. It is just another way to segregate the Black American once again from being a legitimate part of America. Health Care is not about race and those who make it so are fear mongering.

Liberal media socialists are throwing around the term racist. I am conservative, I do not agree with government run health care, I believe in lower taxes, I believe Obama lied about giving health care to illegals, I believe Rep. Joe Wilson was right, I am black and I am not a racist and if you agree with me even if you are not black that does not make you a racist either. To use Obama's race to claim that my policy beliefs are racist is cowardly and condescending.

Liberal Democrats claim that they are for "African Americans" a label created by them to call attention to a man or women's race. Racists always create labels to make sure everyone knows your race is more important than the person you are. In my eyes we are all Americans; that is it!

The ones playing the race card are the Racists. Why is this true? Because Health Care, Taxes and the National Debt are issues to be debated and race has nothing to do with them. Pointing a finger at Americans who disagree with Obama means that three fingers are pointing back at you. Democrats must clean up their act and stop blaming race when they cannot win the hearts and minds of Americans with bad legislation and bad policy ideas.

Even Obama said that those who disagree with him are not racists. Days after former President Jimmy Carter lit up the airwaves by declaring that the opposition to President Obama's policies is heavily influenced by racism, Obama sought to calm the waters.

Obama: Health Care Is Not About Race

Obama acknowledged that some people probably are opposed to him based simply on his skin color. But he added that some people support him solely because he is black, and he said the majority of his opposition comes from people who genuinely disagree with him on the issues.

Now we need to get Obama to condemn those who are still making these false accusations.

Obama: Extremist Democrat Racists Focus On Conflict Not Discussion

Obama said the 24-hour news cycle exacerbates incivility in public discourse by focusing on the most extreme sorts of conflict, but that ultimately the national debate is about policy, not race. "It's an argument that's gone on for the history of this republic, and that is, what's the right role of government? How do we balance freedom with our need to look after one another?" Obama said. "This is not a new argument, and it always invokes passions."

When you talk to people who are Democrats, tell them from me that before they start calling people racist, whether black or white, they need to know their own party's background and stop hiding behind hate tactics. Tell them if they do not agree with someone's ideas and policies they should debate the ideas, not name call. Debate is the American thing to do. Do Not Call Me A Racist. Tell people to listen to Some Black Republicans and get the real story.

Shawn Woodhouse

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